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Dental Anxiety and Phobia

A friendly approach with advanced techniques eases dental fears to support a comfortable, relaxing experience

Our friendly team at Liberty Dental Group in Brentwood, California, is proud of the environment that we have created and support. Our patients become like beloved members of our own families. They grow to know and trust us. We believe this welcoming atmosphere contributes favorably to fighting all-too-common dental anxiety and fear. “Dentophobia” can present in many different forms. Our dentists, Drs Mike Molosky and Emily Molosky offer a variety of ways to address any apprehension that you may feel about your upcoming visit. Some of these fear-fighters are “low-tech,” while others employ modern and gentle techniques or technologies or relaxing and safe sedative options. 

We encourage you to contact us, bring your concerns, and ask any questions you may have in advance of your appointment. Additionally, we welcome tours of our practice and opportunities to know you. Your comfort is our priority. If any of the following characteristics sound overly familiar, reach out to us sooner rather than later to discuss your options and ways to get you comfortable with us for your dental care:

Dental anxiety – We “get it”; medical appointments can inspire dread among all patients. Fears over getting a scary diagnosis tend to crop up the closer we get to our appointment. Likewise, fitting these appointments into your already packed schedule can be incredibly stressful. These natural worries and concerns are exaggerated for those who have anxiety over visiting the dentist. The uneasiness can become overwhelming, especially as your appointment date nears. These concerns are often unfounded and may be based on the unknown.

For this reason, we urge frank and ongoing communication. The more you know about the reality of the services and treatments that we provide, the better you will likely feel! No more unknowns!

  • Dental phobia – Phobic patients are more than “scared” or “anxious.” They are often panic-stricken. The apprehension and fears are often so intense that visits to the dentist are avoided entirely. Has it been far too long since you’ve seen the dentist? Can you not even remember the last time you visited for a dental check-up or cleaning? Do you have an aching tooth that is getting worse, but you’re frightened to take steps to do anything about it? If your answer is “yes,” you can likely benefit from our kind and gentle approach and, as needed, tailored and safe sedative options to help you relax. It is important to know that oral conditions do not disappear without treatment. They only progress, and pain and other symptoms become much worse. You deserve a healthy, painless smile and the ability to enjoy your favorite foods again or to sleep soundly throughout the night without being awakened by an aching tooth. 

Shed fears; gain a lifetime of healthy smiles 

As noted, we encourage you to share your concerns or fears with us. We can then adapt to address those specific concerns. We’ll be asking you how you are doing throughout your visit, and you can always alert us if you need to stop and take a break. Be choosey about when you schedule your appointment. You are less likely to feel super-anxious and worried if you are not rushed and overloaded by an onslaught of competing commitments and responsibilities. Feel free to incorporate any methods you use to relax during a busy workday, on a plane or while otherwise traveling, or in other situations. These options may include intentional, controlled breathing exercises or listening to music that tends to calm you down. We are here for you! Call us at (925) 634-3501 with any questions or to get a visit on the books.

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