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Early, happy dental visits add up to healthier smiles later in life

At Liberty Dental Group, we understand that nurturing a lifetime of smiles through dentistry starts young, around a child’s first birthday. And while we have many tools at our disposal to aid in relaxing you or your child (including sedation), one of the best things you can do is introduce your kiddo to dentistry at a young age. That gets your child accustomed to our team and practice in Brentwood, California. It also promotes sustained oral health. 

Preserving oral health is generally associated with a better experience, perception of dentistry, and relationship with dental professionals like Drs Mike Molosky and Emily Molosky. Conditions such as early childhood caries and gum disease can produce painful symptoms. Resolving these symptoms and restoring health generally requires more extensive, invasive, and time-consuming treatments. If we maintain your child’s oral health with consistent professional cleanings and exams, they will never experience the pain of a toothache. Invasive treatments are not necessary. Your child associates us with good things and not as a source of fear or anxiety. They may immediately connect our team with words of encouragement for a cavity-free visit or that fresh feeling after their teeth get cleaned. These are pleasant memories and experiences. 

Additionally, the process of visiting the dentist also becomes second nature. We can also discuss ways to instill habits at home that become like second nature during these early visits. It is essential to keep your child’s mouth clean, even before most of the teeth have erupted through the gums. Remember: Early tooth loss is bad for the erupting permanent teeth that depend on the baby teeth to guide them into their proper positions. A complete set of teeth supports your child’s healthy oral development and overall development and wellbeing during those critical early years of growth. What you do now and the relationship fostered with dentistry sets the stage for everything from your child’s academic success to their comfort in social settings and overall self-esteem. 

By establishing a schedule of regular and consistent dental appointments at a young age, we also help prevent many of the conditions that may have been associated with “rites of passage” through the years. Dental sealants, for instance, protect decay-prone back teeth from cavities, while oral appliances such as mouthguards protect little athletes’ teeth, jaws, and other tissues from injuries caused by blows to the face. Identifying and addressing troublesome habits that can interfere with healthy development can even prevent the need for braces or other orthodontic treatments later in life. As your child grows into a young adult, we even monitor the development of the last teeth to erupt through the gums: the third molars or “wisdom teeth.” The pain associated with complications from impacted wisdom teeth can be avoided with proactive services and the troublesome molar(s) removal as needed. 

We look forward to meeting you and your child! Please schedule an appointment at Liberty Dental Group by calling our office in Brentwood today — (925) 634-3501. We are proud to treat generations of families from throughout the Oakley, Antioch, Bridgehead, Sandhill, Discovery Bay, and Bethel Island area.

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