Dental Care for Seniors at Liberty Dental Group
Dental Care for Seniors

Dental Care for Seniors at Liberty Dental Group

At Liberty Dental Group, we provide specialized dental care and services for our senior citizens living in and around Brentwood, California. Drs Emily and Michael Molosky and their team understand that elderly adult patients can face oral health problems specific to them. To provide effective geriatric dentistry, Dr. Molosky has the training required to deliver specific dental disciplines aimed at safeguarding the health of our elderly patients’ teeth, gums, and mouths. Dr. Molosky provides this comprehensive dental care in a friendly, caring, and personalized manner.

When serving older patients, there are often unique medical and dental circumstances that must be considered. Dr. Molosky has the experience necessary to assist older patients with unique sensory, social, and ambulatory needs. While some older patients may think it is essential to neglect their dental needs because of complications that surface during the twilight years, this is not true. Physical and mental disabilities, complicated dental conditions, or inadequate finances should not keep anybody from receiving the dental care they deserve, regardless of age.

When you visit Liberty Dental Group, you will be helped by a team who understands how aging can complicate your dental health. Conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, combined with the increased medications our older patients have to take, can create a situation where you are at a higher risk for dental decay or gum disease. Because tooth decay and gum disease put you at a higher risk of other health complications, our elderly patients must have access to the dental care required to make sure they maintain healthy teeth, gums, and mouth tissue. When something as simple as gum disease is allowed to spread, it can put one at a higher risk for stroke, heart attack, and more. Add to that the higher risk older patients already run due to their age, and you can see how appropriate dental care for elderly patients is crucial.

Dental health problems, including gum disease and tooth loss, are a significant problem for patients 65 and older. At Liberty Dental Group, we provide a wide array of dental services to our elderly patients to help prevent these issues at every turn. Our staff has specialized skill and knowledge that allows us to combine our typical treatments with the unique needs our older patients face. If you are an older person seeking quality dental services, you can trust the abilities of Dr. Emily Molosky and our team here in our Brentwood, California office.

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There should be no barrier to dental care just because you reach a certain age. Our entire team takes great pride in helping every senior citizen we see walk away with a healthy and beautiful smile. If you are in Brentwood, California, please call us today to schedule an appointment. You can reach our office at (925) 634-3501. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have and would love to provide the services you will need for your later years.

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