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Dental Fillings

Our metal-free fillings are safe, pleasing to the eye, and can last a lifetime!

Our dentists in Brentwood, California, Drs Mike and Emily Molosky, rebuild decayed, broken, or otherwise damaged teeth with exacting techniques, precision technologies, and quality dental materials. So, your restored tooth blends in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth. Our high level of care and commitment to superior dentistry also supports the safest, most satisfying, and stress-free experience at our practice. We also serve patients’ needs in Oakley, Antioch, Bridgehead, Sandhill, Discovery Bay, Bethel Island, and the surrounding area.


As their name suggests, dental fillings “fill in” or replace tooth structures lost due to decay. This destructive process arises when lingering starches and sugars on the teeth mix with harmful oral bacteria to produce sticky plaque. Highly acidic, bacterial plaque strips the outer covering of your tooth of its minerals. Such enamel erosion, without treatment, leads to small openings or holes in the tooth. These holes are known as “cavities.” 

Tooth decay is progressive; untreated, the acids erode at the softer, yellow layer of the teeth underneath the enamel: dentin. Patients may experience heightened sensitivity at this stage, especially when eating or drinking hot or cold foods. This symptom develops because the dentin contains small channels or tubules that connect from the nerve-containing inner part of the tooth to this layer below the enamel. The innermost part of the tooth can become so irritated or inflamed that root canal therapy may be the only way to “save” the tooth. 

By intervening with the decay process early, we can avoid the need for more extensive procedures (such as root canal treatment) and the potential loss of the tooth. The fillings that our doctors place are generally made from a non-metal, tooth-colored material called “composite resin.” This high-performance plastic dental material best replicates the natural appearance and strength of healthy tooth enamel. It also preserves a maximum amount of healthy tooth structure. 

Conservative or tooth-preserving treatments promote a lifetime of healthy function and patient satisfaction. The less we have to alter the natural tooth, the better, as the natural structure is retained. Additionally, fillings placed by Drs Mike and Emily are safe. We are a mercury-free practice. Silver-colored fillings are made from an amalgam of metals, including mercury, tin, copper, and silver. Mercury is a known toxin. So, we do not place any materials or products that contain mercury, nor do we place any products that contain other potentially toxic substances.

The ease of the process

Repairing a cavity with a filling is straightforward. We remove the parts of the tooth that are damaged beyond repair. From there, the tooth is shaped. Then, the filling material is introduced to the damaged area to build up and replace the lost tissue. It is secured to the natural tooth. Treat the teeth as you would the rest of your unaltered, natural teeth – with excellent oral hygiene at home and routine hygiene appointments at our practice as recommended by your dentist! To schedule your appointment, call Liberty Dental Group in Brentwood at (925) 634-3501

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