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Dental Implants

Life-changing dental treatment with implants – replacement teeth designed like the “real thing”!

At Liberty Dental Group in Brentwood, California, you have the freedom to benefit from a range of different, advanced treatment options. Our dentists, Drs Mike Molosky and Emily Molosky, personalize recommendations to your needs as a “whole person” – and not “just” as a set of teeth and gums! If you need an extraction or already have a gap in your smile, in consultation with you, our dentists may arrive at dental implants as the option most suited to your needs, preferences, lifestyle, goals, and budget. 

Thanks to advancements in dental materials, technologies, products, and techniques, many more patients can now be excellent candidates for what is widely considered to be the standard in care for the replacement of one tooth, a single tooth, or a mouthful of missing teeth.  

Sink your teeth into implants

Implants are so popular and revolutionary to dentistry because they are the first form of tooth replacement that is designed like real, natural teeth. Each natural tooth is much more than its crown or the white visible part of the tooth. What you can’t see is connective tissue, root canals, nerves, and blood vessels in the underlying inner part of the tooth (or pulp chamber). Notable to this conversation, the roots anchor the teeth in the jawbone. Implants are designed to function like tooth roots. For this reason, implant-supported teeth are known for their superior stability. Proper fit or stability feeds into excellent function and lasting health and satisfaction with replacement teeth that are retained by implants.  

Alternately, older forms of tooth replacement, such as dental bridges, only replicate the crown. They do not replace the tooth root. Bridges and conventional removable dentures cannot sustain bone in the same way that crowns, bridges, and dentures supported by implants can. The jawbone retains its strength due to the stimulation it gets from forces generated by functions such as using the teeth to grind down food. Once implants are placed in the jaw and heal to the surrounding bone to become replacement tooth roots, they are connected to the replacement teeth. So, the force from behaviors like chewing is transferred through the teeth to the jawbone using each implant.  

Are implants right for you?

Answer: Yes, they likely are! We at Liberty Dental Group offer many treatment alternatives for patients who have traditionally not been good candidates for a surgical procedure like dental implants. Healthy bone height and density are necessary for the implant to heal properly and to support the overlying tooth optimally. For patients who have lost jawbone due to missing teeth, we may recommend grafting to build up bone in the jaw. Likewise, patients with bone loss may avoid more invasive surgical procedures entirely with something called a “mini implant.” As its name suggests, mini implants are smaller in diameter than standard implants. As such, they require minimal alteration of the treatment site and natural tissues during implant placement. Non-invasive or conservative procedures are primarily associated with fewer side effects and complications risks, and there is generally less to “heal from.”  

There are many factors to consider when weighing options to complete your healthy, stunning smile. Please schedule an appointment at our office in Brentwood. We proudly serve Oakley, Antioch, Bridgehead, Sandhill, Discovery Bay, Bethel Island, and communities in between. Please call Liberty Dental Group at (925) 634-3501 today.

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