Pediatric Dentistry at Liberty Dental Group
Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry at Liberty Dental Group

As a parent, there is nothing more important to you than the health and well-being of your children. When you trust your children’s dental health to Dr. Emily Molosky and the entire staff at Liberty Dental Group, they take the responsibility of pediatric dental care very seriously. Dr. Molosky and our team will partner with you and your little ones in the battle against cavities, gum disease, and other oral health issues and develop healthy oral habits. We recommend that infants be brought in for their first appointment when their first tooth breaks through or soon after their first birthday.

When you drop by our Brentwood, California office for an appointment, we want you and your children to get the most out of each visit. Here are a few ways that Dr. Molosky and our staff approach pediatric dentistry to keep young smiles healthy, beautiful, and strong.

Parental Education

Parents have questions about their child’s developing dental situation and potential dental health issues. Whether you are a first-time parent or one with several children, we are here to answer any questions you may have and to share our knowledge with you. Dentistry is not a static field. It constantly evolves with new treatments, methods and techniques, materials, and philosophies. Our team makes sure to take the time with each family we see so that we can share the information we feel is vital to your children’s developing mouth. We also want to answer any questions you have. Whether you need to know the best techniques for brushing your infant’s teeth and gums or you need advice on helping your child enjoy general oral wellness, we are always here for you!


When it is time for your next dental appointment, we encourage you to bring your small child with you so they can observe a routine examination. Doing so provides a wonderful learning experience and a chance for them to become familiar with the people, sights, and sounds of the positive dental atmosphere we strive to deliver to each patient. This can be especially helpful if they are afraid to come in for their initial appointment. Seeing mom or dad go through a dental exam and cleaning like they are about to do can show them that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Their First Visit

We believe that the sooner you bring your child in for their first visit, the better. It is recommended that a child visit the dentist for the first time once their first tooth comes in or around their first birthday, whichever occurs first. When you bring your little one in for that first visit, they can sit in your lap as Dr. Molosky gently examines their mouth and gums. For children who are a bit older and coming in for their first time, the appointment will usually consist of a gentle cleaning and possible X-rays. We use these images as a baseline to monitor their oral development so that we can monitor any remaining baby teeth that are coming in and also to ensure that their mouth is developing correctly so that adult teeth can come in properly. We aim to make each appointment one that leaves a positive impression on each child we see.


We want your child to feel like they are a part of the process. That is why, from the smallest tykes to teenagers, we treat every child as a valued patient, somebody we know by name and look forward to seeing. Using age-appropriate terms, we speak directly to them and ensure we answer any questions they have and provide detail on any procedure that is about to be performed.


We do not want any child (or adult, for that matter) to be in pain from tooth decay, gum disease, or other dental health issues. To help avoid this situation from ever occurring, we offer preventive dental work for children, including fluoride treatments and nutritional counseling. In many cases, although children are brushing, they also eat a lot of junk food. We try to educate parents and children on what food and drink will lend to a healthy oral situation. In addition, for children who play sports, we provide custom-fit mouthguards to help prevent injuries to the teeth, gums, and mouth.

Gentle Care

In some cases, despite best efforts, a dental health issue may occur. When this happens, we provide restorative care options as well. Whether it be a cavity that needs to be filled or a root canal, you can trust that we are always using current technologies, treatment options, and techniques that help ensure that the visit is as comfortable and gentle as possible for your child.

Every child deserves top-flight quality dental care. At Liberty Dental Group, they will receive exactly that. You can rest easy knowing that we use the latest dental treatments and techniques and provide an environment to children that makes them feel comfortable and at ease for their appointment. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Molosky, please call (925) 634-3501 today.

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