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Replacing Missing Teeth

Tooth replacement options to restore your health and for a one-of-a-kind smile

Your smile is a central and unmistakable feature of your face. So, at Liberty Dental Group in Brentwood, California, we appreciate how missing teeth can affect how you feel about yourself and your confidence to pursue social or professional opportunities. Additionally, gaps in your smile can alter basic yet critical functions, from how you chew food and digest it to the clarity of your speech. The loss of teeth also hastens the devastating loss of bone (“bone resorption”). Furthermore, you may be holding on to badly decayed or severely damaged teeth that require extraction to prevent serious systemic infections. 

Replacing teeth; many options for prompt treatment

Our dentists, Drs Mike and Emily Molosky, generally recommend prompt replacement of teeth as soon as it is apparent that teeth cannot be preserved through means such as root canal therapy or surgical endodontic treatments. Bone resorption arises quickly, with an estimated 25% of supporting structure in the jawbone lost within the first year after teeth are extracted. This loss of supportive bone structure changes the appearance of your face. Your face may appear prematurely “aged” as overlying tissues no longer have an underlying structure to support them. Such support is also integral to healthy and efficient function. Problems with pronouncing words and grinding or breaking apart food can deteriorate quite quickly without effective treatment in the form of tooth replacement to restore the structure that allows for long-term oral health, proper function, an attractive appearance, and overall well-being. 

Our practice blends the latest dental techniques and advancements with relationship-based care, and there are many ways to makeover your smile and life with restorative treatment to replace one or more teeth. These options include: 

  • Dental bridges – Bridges involve at least one pontic (replacement tooth) and neighboring anchor teeth crowned to support the pontic(s). The pontic is cemented to the natural, reduced anchor teeth as a single unit or piece alongside the dental crowns. Once the bridge is placed, it effectively fills the gap between the missing tooth and its adjacent neighbors.
  • Dental implant crowns – Dental implants are cylindrical-shaped posts positioned in the jawbone. They are made from biocompatible materials. So, they join the surrounding bone naturally. Once healed, implants are designed to function like natural tooth roots. The replacement tooth, crown, or bridge is connected to the implants for the utmost stability. These teeth are quite literally “rooted” in the jaw like natural teeth.
  • Conventional partial and complete dentures – Partials are generally prosthetic teeth and gums connected to existing teeth through clasps or other attachments. Patients missing all teeth in the upper or lower arches or jaws may have full dentures made that are either stabilized in the mouth by natural suction or with the aid of products like denture adhesive.
  • Implant dentures (overdentures) – Patients missing most or all of their teeth may also benefit from dental implants. A minimal number of implants are strategically positioned in the jaw to support a maximum number of replacement teeth. The denture is then connected to the implant with specialized bars or balls. Overdentures-wearers enjoy the same advantages as those with one or a few missing teeth replaced with implant-supported crowns or bridges. Lifelike function and appearance are restored. Implant-retained teeth have a high patient satisfaction since they are stabilized so well they don’t cause sores and discomfort associated with loose dentures. Furthermore, overdentures prevent bone loss and the need to rebase, reline, repair, and otherwise adjust dentures on an ongoing basis. With conventional dentures, as bone is lost and the face shape and contours change, dentures must be adjusted or replaced to restore optimal fit.

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