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Teeth Cleaning

The professional teeth cleaning: Fundamental to our approach to care, and a healthy, stunning smile

Professional teeth cleaning, known as “dental prophylaxis,” is fundamental to our mission of providing personalized, gentle, comprehensive, and cutting-edge care. Liberty Dental Group quickly gets patients into a healthy routine. This routine includes “standard” professional cleanings and dental exams scheduled at our practice in Brentwood, California, once every six months. Professional cleanings by one of our skilled dental hygienists remove what a toothbrush and floss cannot: stubborn, hardened plaque (tartar or calculus). Plaque promotes tooth decay and periodontal disease development and progression – the leading causes of tooth loss. 

Highly personalized, non-judgmental care

We also pride ourselves in partnering with our patients from Oakley, Antioch, Bridgehead, Sandhill, Discovery Bay, and Bethel Island. During regular checkups, our team assesses the health of your teeth, gums, and interconnected oral structures and tissues. As we do so, we also discuss factors that can either harm or hinder the health of your mouth. These factors include:

  • Your diet and nutrition
  • Changes to your health status since the last visit
  • New medical conditions 
  • New medications that are used to manage conditions
  • Behaviors and habits 

Based on what we find and discuss with you, personalized recommendations can be made to resolve conditions and prevent further complications such as damage to your teeth and gums. Our hygienists, for instance, can recommend specialized floss threaders or interdental picks and brushes to easily and effectively clean underneath dental work and hard-to-reach spaces (like underneath bridges). These spaces can trap and harbor the germs that give rise to decay and periodontal disease. Preventive services may also be recommended to aid in remineralizing or protecting the teeth; for example, fluoride supplementation to build up protective enamel or oral appliances to prevent excessive wear and tear to tooth structure among chronic bruxers who grind their teeth.

Cleaning care for every need

 The “standard” cleaning or prophy involves removing bacteria, acidic plaque, tartar, and stains from the teeth and at the gum line. Our team is adept at removing these harmful substances efficiently and painlessly. However, we may suggest a “deep clean” to resolve existing periodontal inflammation. This process is known as scaling and root planing. It involves removing disease-producing substances from underneath the gum line and smoothing rough root surfaces that attract plaque. 

Cleanings generally end with polishing. Our patients love how much fresher their mouth feels (it also controls bad breath!) and how much whiter their teeth look with a nice clean and polish. Your minty-fresh, healthy mouth awaits! Call Liberty Dental Group at (925) 634-3501 to schedule your appointment at our Brentwood office today.

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